Supplier of autoclaves, freeze dryers, water treatment systems and cleaning & disinfection systems

About Zirbus

Zirbus Technology Benelux B.V. is a subsidiary of Zirbus Technology GmbH, Germany. For over 30 years we have handled the installation, maintenance, calibration and validation of different installations. Hereby we distinguish ourselves through a personal, expert and service -oriented approach. We offer sterilizers, freeze dryers, media preparators, waste water sterilizers and steam generators manufactured by Zirbus Technology GmbH. Not only do we manufacture and supply standard machinery, but we can also cater for customised installations. Naturally, we ensure that the specifications are produced according the applicable guidelines. In addition to our product range, we also supply cleaning and disinfection systems from Ken , as well as water treatment systems from Stakpure.

We offer all installations with documentation options, including design, installation, production and product qualification packages. Zirbus Technology Benelux B.V. takes pride in its good customer services. Our extensive warehouse is part of this service, in order to offer the customer the best possible service.

Zirbus Technology Benelux B.V. also stands for social responsible and sustainable business. As part of this ethos, our freeze drying facility, plug-in hybrid and EV cars and other devices all run on the energy produced by our own on-site solar panels. Recently our office building has been upgraded with energy efficient Led-lightning. Furthermore we have invested in a EURO 6 truck.

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