Supplier of autoclaves, freeze dryers, water treatment systems and Steelco cleaning & disinfection systems


Zirbus Technology Benelux B.V. supplies autoclaves from Zirbus Technology GmbH. These autoclaves are characterized by customization, ease of use and sleek design. Each machine is an unique product, based on the specific demands of the customer. If you have any specific wishes, than we would be pleased to get in touch and discuss the possibilities.

The autoclaves which we supply do have a volume range of 15 up to 8000 liters. Besides autoclaves the production line includes waste water sterilizers, media preparation systems and steam generators. Our markets are mainly laboratories, pharmaceuticals, R & D and production sites.

Tabletop Autoclave

Compact Table Top Model with large capacity.
For use of both solid and liquid processes.
Temperature range from 103°C until 138°C.

Vertical Autoclave

The laboratory vertical autoclaves in word LVSA, distinguish them self particularly through their low charging height and easy operation.
Lifting device for loading and unloading is available as an option.

Horizontal Standing Autoclave

The combination of the practical loading height together with the large capacity ensure optimal use and handling.

The optional loading and unloading trolley is assuring easy handling.

Another option is the sliding platform for loading and unloading the system.

Production Autoclave

Production Autoclave for the food and pharmaceutical industrie.

Wash Water Sterilization

With the WWS we offer you an optimal solution for inactivating of your wash water.

After the max level is reached the sterilization process starts automatically.

Touchscreen 3,8" for easy operation is available.

Several types and options are available upon request.


High Pressure Autoclaves

Pressure range from 1 until 500 bar
Temperature range from ambient temperature until 500°C
Special valves for venting and gas inlet