Supplier of autoclaves, freeze dryers, water treatment systems and cleaning & disinfection systems

Freeze Dryers

Zirbus Technology Benelux B.V. supplies freeze dryers from Zirbus Technology GmbH. These freeze dryers are characterized by customization, ease of use and sleek design. Each machine is an unique product, based on the specific demands of the customer. Zirbus Technology GmbH does have over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of freeze dryers. If you have any specific wishes, than we would be pleased to get in touch and discuss the possibilities.

The freeze dryers which we supply do have a volume of 20 up to 5000 liters; ranging from small laboratory freeze dryers to large production freeze dryers. Our markets are mainly laboratories, R&D and manufacturing facilities in the areas of chemistry, pharmacy, biology, archeology and nutrition.

Laboratory Freeze Dryers

Laboratory Freeze Dryer VaCo series as modular construction system with an ice capacity of 2 up to 10kg/24h.


Two chamber system with integrated condenser.
Inner rack with adjustable shelves.

Pilot / Production Freeze Dryers

Freeze Dryers with a two chamber system especially for your Production.

EKS Serie

EKS Serie  

EKS 10 to EKS 200


10 kg to 200 kg

Rotery Vacuum Concentrator

Freeze Dryer with rotary vacuum concentrator.

F-Gas certification

F-Gas certification

All our refrigeration work is performed according to the requirements of F-gas certification.
The F-Gas certification assures you that the refrigeration work, technical work and your installation are dealt with under this regulation.