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Thermal systems



Steam generators - Conditioning units - Vacuum dryers - High-pressure autoclaves


In addition to the production of freeze drying and sterilization plants, we have made a name for ourselves in the field of special thermal plants in recent years. The manufacturing is done according to the specifications and wishes of our customers.

Steam generators / Steamboys

Our compact electric steam generators of the Steamboy series are available in different sizes from 9 – 114kW.








High pressure autoclaves - HDA

For research, tests and production.



Our high-pressure autoclaves (HDA for short) are mainly used in research and production and are manufactured directly in our plant in Bad Grund according to your wishes and requirements.




Conditioning systems

Conditioning systems up to 6m³ chamber volume.


Conditioning of polyamide plastics with steam.

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Download the brochure thermal systems here.

Centrifugal Dryer

Compact vacuum dryer with integrated solvent condenser for concentrating and drying liquid products / solvents.


Our centrifugal dryers of the ZT series are available in 2 basic versions. The can be loaded horizontally or vertically.


Various nacelles can be suspended in the suspension of the rotor. Thus it is possible to load different containers, sometimes on several levels





Vacuum drying systems - VTA

For use in the laboratory and for production