Supplier of autoclaves, freeze dryers, water treatment systems and cleaning & disinfection systems



Zirbus Technology Benelux B.V. advertises an expert, personal, and service-oriented approach. We strongly value the quality and expertize of our service department, which helps our customers both remotely or on-site.

Once the machinery has been delivered, installed, and is taken into operation, you can still fully rely on our service department. Usually a service contract is signed, capturing for example: preventive maintenance, validation and calibration. We also offer an opportunity to overhaul your machinery.

All our service staff are well trained and are VCA certified.

All our cold technical works are completed according to the requirements of the F-gases certification. This certification assures our customers that all cold technical work is carried out under the current regulations.


We can fully take care of our customers needs regarding temperature, pressure and conductivity calibrations. By default these calibrations are conducted according the correct procedure and with reliable equipment. All of our equipment is periodically accredited in an RvA recognized laboratory. As a customer you will receive the protocols as established by us as well as the calibration certification.


The validation of our installations is carried out by an independently certified company, with knowledge regarding our products. Naturally, all these measurements are performed in accordance with a predefined protocal as handed out by us, guaranteeing a validation based on applicable directives.


We offer a revision service, bringing our customers equipment back to the level of currently used techniques. Replacement of mechanical / electrical components is an option, just like the possibility to update all software.