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LVSA 50/70 Offer Package

LVSA 50/60 Offer Package

LVSA 40/60 Offer Package

Labstar 70 Offer Package

Labstar 40 Offer Package

Labstar 25 Offer Package

Steelco LAB 500DRS with Hot Air Drying Offer Package

Steelco LAB 500 with Hot Air Drying Offer Package

Steelco LAB 500 without Hot Air Drying Offer Package

VaCo 5 II Offer Package

VaCo 5 Offer Package

VaCo 2 II Offer Package

VaCo 2 Offer Package

Vacuum pump for VaCo series

Vacuum pump

Drying tray made of stainless steel

Inner rack

Inner rack made of stainless steel

Vacuum connections in cover

Vacuum connections in cover

Acrylic drying chamber

Acrylic drying chamber

Manifold made of stainless steel VaCo

Manifold made of stainless steel

Installation Materials

Installation Materials

Replacement cartridge DS450 and DS750

Replacement cartridge for DS 450 (2 pieces) Pressure less plastic design

Replacement cartridge for DS 750 Pressure less plastic design

Accessoiries for Ion Exchanger

Conductivity meters Analogue or Digital for mounting on the cartridge or on the wall mounting.


Filter, prefilter inserts and accessories such as filters with various poresizes and types with activated carbon or hardness stabilizer.


Filters for filterhousing 5", 10" and 20" and from 5 µm - 0,1 µm poresizes.



Filter housing 5", 10" and 20" for filter and prefliter inserts.


Two in one unit Pure and Ultrapure water. Pure water from the tank for direct supply of your autoclaves, analysers or washing machines.

Also a direct dispending of Ultrapurewater from the tap through a sterile tap filter.